Fireside Go and Bespoke

Quickly reach retail investors where they are by running scalable Fireside Chats.

Fireside Go and Bespoke help you quickly accept questions and run live Fireside chats for verified (and self identified) retail investors.
Register investors and gather data
Verify investors and get data on holdings, contact, and transactions.
Collect and answer questions
Collect and answer questions from verified investors. Text or video responses.
Run live fireside chats
Run live firesides via any major third party provider, or the included webinar solution.
White Label everything
Use your own domain, color scheme, branding, and logos.

Run Live Fireside Chats For Investors, With A Purpose Built Platform

Leverage Youtube Live, Vimeo Live, RTMP streams, Twitch, Zoom, Google Meet, and more to run live events. Use file uploads and popular video hosts to stream a prerecorded event as if it we live.

Accept questions and answer them in real time during your event. Run polls for further data and insights.

Verify Your Retail Investors With A Broker-Agnostic Solution

Use ShareClub SVS (included) to automatically verify retail investors and gain unprecedented data about them. Leverage the verification to have peace of mind when it comes to who is accessing your Fireside Chat, and submitting questions.

A Robust Question And Answer System, Built In

Real Time Feed With Text and Video Responses

Easily addressed comments, questions and concerns.

Question Limitations based on Verification Status

Give investors who own more shares the ability to submit more questions.

Easy Admin Managment of Questions and Answers, with audit logs

Moderation tools and audit logs.
ShareClub Rewards Platform
ShareClub Rewards Platform

Access and data and insights. Export to dozens of platforms.

Get data on your retail investors as a collective, and zoom into individuals as well.

Access information about their holdings of your company, like transaction dates, shares held, and connected brokerage. Get emails and names and automatically push to 6+ major email marketing platforms. 

Export all accessable data via CSV, XML or JSON.

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ShareClub Rewards Platform