ShareClub Rewards

Convert investors into loyal customers, and customers into investors.

Leverage rewards and verification to achieve the Retail Flywheel. Boost organic sales by converting a large, untapped customer base - your shareholders. And grow retail investment by offering a new engagement mechanism, leveraging network effects.
ShareClub Rewards Consumer Platform
Convert your 1000's of Retail Investors Into Customers
Convert your loyal customers into Retail Shareholders
Boost your companies share of wallet
Leverage a unique model, popular in foreign markets

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130% More Frequent Customers, 70% Greater Share of Wallet, and rapid growth as an investor class. Learn about this new-era investor and how you can convert them into you most loyal customer.
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The ShareClub Rewards Platform

A seamless redemption flow that inspires conversion

An easy and simple redemption flow that allows your shareholders to quickly access rewards like discounts, gift cards, free items, and more. 

Over 10+ supported redemption types and multiple prebuilt integrations.

Set per-reward redemption conditions

Set MHQ and MHD conditions to tailor rewards and incentivize specific milestones.

For example, reward long term shareholders with special benifits, or reward those who hold more shares with higher-value redemptions.

List unlimited rewards, have unlimited redemptions

Leverage ShareClub Network Effects

Tap into the existing users of ShareClub Rewards to convert them into both customers and investors in your company.

Leverage holdings data to target like never before.
Companies offering shareholder rewards

Prebuilt Redemption Integrations With Major Platforms

For redemption events that include custom coupons, storewide discounts, product-specific discounts, loyalty point, or status, we have several prebuilt integrations to popular ecommerce engines and loyalty solutions.
Under Development
Under Development
Under Development
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Access and data and insights. Export to dozens of platforms.

Get data on your retail investors as a collective, and zoom into individuals as well.

Access information about their holdings of your company, like transaction dates, shares held, and connected brokerage. Get emails and names and automatically push to 6+ major email marketing platforms.

Export all accessable data via CSV, XML or JSON.

Leverage ShareClub Products to engage and grow this base.

Multiple products, one ecosystem for Retail Investor Relations.
ShareClub Rewards Platform